Friday, December 23, 2005

Yes Virginia, There is a Mexican Restaurant You Like!

I'm Not EVEN going to comment on the fact that it's been almost a year since my last post. No comment whatever. And please ignore my first post. I was soo embarassed when I just re-read it. Ish. When did I turn into a TV? BUY THIS!! GO THERE!! I am brought to you by my own dumb luck and sinful pride, not some corporate schmuck-fart sponsers. BUY NOTHING AND GO NOWHERE!!
So I haven't had Mexican food in about 10 years. I had it tonight at a new-ish place on Lincoln. How was it you may ask? Let's just say that my faith in the people of Mexico, and Mexico as a nation, has been restored. They CAN solve their problems, fix their water, drive out the cartels! I haven't had their food in so long because my favorite place closed, like a million years ago. It was on Webster across the street from Kelly's Pub and it was called La Cocina. That place was heaven. I used to work on Sheffield by Webster in the 80's. By Roma's. Remember that place? What a pit. A quick Roma's story. In the 80's, I was all about "the Goth" and was in line to pick up some lunch in my normal attire: 16" tall hair-do, all black clothes, and crosses and rosaries; black lipstick; just your typical goth look. I notice a booth start to laugh. Which if you are or were a goth, you're sadly all too familiar with, so I was just about sneer at them when I noticed something different in their laughter, which if you are or were gay, you know the difference between the many types of laughter. This was a good natured laughter, so I looked around. I frount of me were three nuns from De Paul, dressed the same as I was, minus the lipstick. I guess they were weirded out by me, and I hadn't noticed, but the rest of Roma's had.
Any who, when I brought my friends to La Cocina, the typical reation was "Oh my Sweet Christ!!" after the first bite. Especially their chorizo. Man that was good stuff. I think they made their own. I met some one recently, and the subject got on to food, and she has the same experience as me. We just get depressed eating other Mexican food. Granted, I haven't tried very hard to find a good place. I just figured Mexican- Americans were "over it". "We're OVER IT, ya'll. Fuck OFF" But I guess I was wrong. This place was great. Oh and there is a place in L.A. I like.