Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Finally Have a Scanner

I found the photo I thought was from my 20th birthday, but on the back I wrote:
"Martin's birthday, 1987" It's Kristin and Jeff. Jeff's in the hat.

OK. Here I am...are you ready? Me at the salon, just after my 20th Bithday, 1986.

The salon, 1985.

Me, Martin, & Jody, at Mark's place, 1985.

At Mark's, '85.

The bracelet Jody gave me.

Goofing around while I lived at Kip's, 1985.

Improving my mind in bed, at Kip's, 1985.

Depressed at Kip's, '85.

Gidget (left) and some of her brood, early 1986.

Jeff in his bathroom, Pratt St., 1985.

Chris from Sidewalking, 1985, at her and Tony's place on Racine.

Me and Tony at the old, smaller Berlin, 1985.

Bar stuff, 1986.

More bar stuff, '86.

Some of my favorite mid-eighties jewelry. The backward question mark is shown with the woman who made it, she's on the left, circa '84.

Some '85 &'86 concerts.

Me, Brad, & Erin, Limelight, 1986.

I sadly don't have a photo of Scot from 1985, so here is one of us from 1989, drunk at Berlin. He's in the hat. Now you can put some faces with the names.


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Aaron said...

I love the jet black hair and makeup. All my theatre and speech friends in college did their hair and eyeliner like that, and I felt so jealous because my hair was blond and I couldn't get the same look. I dyed it copper once, but that wasn't as dramatic...

cathy said...

Holy crap that Martin's birhtday party is the 1st party I really started hanging out with your crowd at! Plus the shot of Jeff in our Pratt bathroom reminds me that all the toilet paper we probably EVER used in that place was from Loyola dorms. If I knew what they were charging my Dad I would've taken more.Great pictures of Patrick, too!