Friday, December 23, 2005

Yes Virginia, There is a Mexican Restaurant You Like!

I'm Not EVEN going to comment on the fact that it's been almost a year since my last post. No comment whatever. And please ignore my first post. I was soo embarassed when I just re-read it. Ish. When did I turn into a TV? BUY THIS!! GO THERE!! I am brought to you by my own dumb luck and sinful pride, not some corporate schmuck-fart sponsers. BUY NOTHING AND GO NOWHERE!!
So I haven't had Mexican food in about 10 years. I had it tonight at a new-ish place on Lincoln. How was it you may ask? Let's just say that my faith in the people of Mexico, and Mexico as a nation, has been restored. They CAN solve their problems, fix their water, drive out the cartels! I haven't had their food in so long because my favorite place closed, like a million years ago. It was on Webster across the street from Kelly's Pub and it was called La Cocina. That place was heaven. I used to work on Sheffield by Webster in the 80's. By Roma's. Remember that place? What a pit. A quick Roma's story. In the 80's, I was all about "the Goth" and was in line to pick up some lunch in my normal attire: 16" tall hair-do, all black clothes, and crosses and rosaries; black lipstick; just your typical goth look. I notice a booth start to laugh. Which if you are or were a goth, you're sadly all too familiar with, so I was just about sneer at them when I noticed something different in their laughter, which if you are or were gay, you know the difference between the many types of laughter. This was a good natured laughter, so I looked around. I frount of me were three nuns from De Paul, dressed the same as I was, minus the lipstick. I guess they were weirded out by me, and I hadn't noticed, but the rest of Roma's had.
Any who, when I brought my friends to La Cocina, the typical reation was "Oh my Sweet Christ!!" after the first bite. Especially their chorizo. Man that was good stuff. I think they made their own. I met some one recently, and the subject got on to food, and she has the same experience as me. We just get depressed eating other Mexican food. Granted, I haven't tried very hard to find a good place. I just figured Mexican- Americans were "over it". "We're OVER IT, ya'll. Fuck OFF" But I guess I was wrong. This place was great. Oh and there is a place in L.A. I like.


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joemiller7431 said...
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Tim said...

Your blog is making me want to start mine up again.
If you haven't heard of it yet, there is an amazing Mexican place on Sheridan and Argyle, right by Big Chicks. It's called RIQUES, and their stuff is incredible. The guacamole alone is worth the visit. I recommend reservations on the weekend, though, as the word is getting out. (,0,1212046.venue)