Monday, June 05, 2006

Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven

It's funny, when you try and remember someone you knew twenty-one years ago, it's the little things that stick in your mind. When I think of Jody, I recall her Virginia Slims. Her Doc Martins. The way she dances. The sounds she makes sleeping...
Ringing Scott's buzzer at his place on Diversey and Clark one night in June, 1985, a girl asks:
"Who is it?" In a sing-songy voice.
"Aaa, Brian. Is this Scott's place?" I answer back.
"Yes it iiis, come on uuup!" In the same voice.
I enter Scott's place to find two girls encamped at the kitchen table, giggling, giving me the "once over" and playing The Walk way too loud.
"This is Caren and Jody. I met Caren at Berlin a few nights ago. Her and Jody go to school together." Scott says.
I didn't know if I was more shocked that Scott was at Berlin without me, or meeting strange girls.
"I'm trying to convert Scott into a hetero and make him sleep with me." Caren says, taking a drag on her cig.
Scott turns beet red and starts laughing.
"Oh, I see. Are you having any luck? Do you need any help? I hear He has a nice basket." I reply. Scott just laughs louder and starts screaming.
We goof around a little longer, watching Scott fix his fake i-d, drinking beer, getting ready to go to Berlin.
"Why are you in school?" I ask Jody.
"I'm there for biology." She replies.
"Jody wants to be a doctor!" Caren interjects. "She's smart."
"No I don't. Research maybe. It's too cut-throat at school to be a doctor." She says.
"Let's go." Scott says.
"Ooo, you're wearing your Fiorucci shirt. How glamorous. Can I wear your Perry Ellis shirt? I promise to wash it!" I ask him. He found the beautiful white shirt at a thrift store a few weeks prior.
"Alright." he answers back.
After I change, we head out his door down Diversey to Sheffield.
"We never take Racine to Belmont any more. Those bars on Belmont are waay too scary. We don't like to walk past them. Especially when we're dressed up. Or our hair is big. Or both."
We're having a great time at Berlin, watching videos and dancing and requesting songs (I was going through an Aztec Camera phase, and Scott a Love and Rockets phase), when Jody mentions how she wished she lived in the city so she could come to Berlin more often.
"Where I live is so boring!" she says.
I tell her I am looking for a roommate, and we both get very excited. We hadn't known each other more than 80 minutes, and already we're living together. That's youth for ya. Or fate. Or just knowing when something feels right.
Her and Caren move in a few weeks later, into Tim's (our seldom seen roommate had moved back home) old room. It was mine, so my new room is the couch. The alley couch. I didn't care. As long as I didn't have to move back to Wisconsin. Steve was excited to have two straight girls across the hall.
We had countless late nights at Medusa's and Berlin, or just hanging out in the apartment, but they were always up early everyday to get the train to school. That's youth for ya, again.
Their first weekend at my place, we go to Medusa's. Scott and I glam up Jody and Caren in our best DIY chic, and I wore Jody's long, black, fitted skirt from Express (remember the chick with sunglasses on their labels?) the Perry Ellis, and a jean motorcycle jacket, some dead old man's wingtips, and another military-style hat,(a-la-Boy Georgie), and, of course, many brooches.
We all go: Scott, Steve, one of his friends, Jody, Caren and I. Walking down the street like a new wave band in search of a venue. Or extras in some freaky movie.
Scott and I had been cultivating a rapport with Blue, Medusa's door man. We had an unspoken agreement that if we showed up in an "outfit" and big hair, he let us in for free. The five buck cover was a big deal for us back then, for five dollars was our grocery budget for the week. We climb the huge stair case, get in free (yay!) and dance dance dance. My favorite song comes on, No Shuffle, and we run out to dance some more. During that song, someone runs up to me and hits my hat off my head. I was mortified. Like, run home mortified. I don't know why, but I was.
"Do they hate me? Do they want my hat? Am I not welcome here? Should I leave?" I think to myself.
We stay til ten am or so, and walk the few blocks home in the morning sun. I lay down for a little bit, because I had to be at work in a few hours. I show up to the salon in the same outfit.
"I thought I said no skirts at work, Brian!" My boss says as I walk in the door.
"Oh Christ, I'm wearing a skirt..."


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian!
What memories-it seems like we were in that apt. just days ago. I have given up the Virgina Slims and all hope of converting you and Scott to heteros. I still own some cool shoes though-

David said...

Blue is still around. I see him everyone once and a while. That bastard made me pay! I think. Well, I really don't remeber actually emtering or leaving Medusas. I just know I was there.