Monday, January 24, 2005

Joan Blondell: exciting new screen sensation!

well I'm moving. I got into a fight with my roommate on New Year's day, and agreed to disagree, AND agree that I move out. It was written on the wall, I guess. Now I live on Lake Shore Drive, on the 11th floor. I thought I would really enjoy the view, but I haven't noticed. In 1985, I used to spend hours with my friend Scott hanging out in his kitchen, looking out the window, watching all the leather guys in chaps walk down Diversey to the since burned-down Touche. I think I went there once in the early 90's with my other friend Scott who has also burned down, in a matter of speaking. The first Scott and I were both 19 or so when we moved here, and reveled in our grown-upness in the big city. He being from Pittsburg, me from Appleton,WI. We would blast Yello and Japanese Whispers, I would smoke 8000 Benson and Hedges menthol lights, he would make us better and better fake id's, and we would hang out his kitchen window for hours and hours. He lived in this beautiful circa 1902 elevator (with one of those sliding doors) building, and he had his grandmother's wonderful 1920's kitchen set. It was like we were new wave time travelers to Chicago during the roaring 20's. We would even listen to the old time radio shows some AM station used to replay. Our favorite was "Shondoo, THE MAGICIAN!" By my old apartment on Racine and Addison was this great little mom and pop convenience store. Every square inch of that place was 1940. ESPECIALLY the couple who worked there and owned it. Her hair and make-up, his clothes, the music they played, the decor. EVERYthing! It was like a movie set! Imagine yourself and your surroundings as they are now, and speed up the clock 40 years. That was them. I LOVED them and their store. I would go everyday to see them. Sometimes I would dress up like 1940 to buy my cigs, to "time travel". Some times I would think I was in the Twilight Zone, and only I could go to this store. I miss those days of the simple pleasures when even going to the grocery store was a blast. It's not that my life is more complicated, it was probably more so back then, but somewhere I became JADED. Oh well. I guess I became jaded when I realized that everything is, or will be, old-fashioned, retro, quaint, and just plain silly. Even me, I guess. Oh crap.

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