Sunday, January 23, 2005

willkommen, bienvenu, welcome

Well, welcome to the first day of my blog "Twenty years and counting" .That means my tale of urban living will be 20 years old as of April 25 of this year. I know many of you non-urbanites are just DYING to know what the millions us us urbanites are doing, so I will try my best to illuminate you. ALWAYS without the aid of spell check. I also need to type better and faster.I also love to write, and need to "open my creative doors". Please remember, this is only my story, one little story of urban life. It is biased. It can be boring. It can be exciting. Like last week, for instance. I was at the opening night of Spamalot, here in Chicago. My friend/client is a dresser for the show, and she got me last minute tix. What a funny show. RUN, don't walk to NYC when it opens. I got to go to the opening night gala. Tim Curry (a god) said I smelled "delicious". I had on M7 from YSL. I also wore my ancient Armani blue velvet blazer and just as ancient Dolce shirt and tie. I talked to Eric Idol a bit, but the music was loud, so I don't think he heard me. Hank "moe/apu" Azaria and David Hyde Pierce were fun and looking good. Christy Hefner was ice-cool and posing glamourously. Check out the pics at . I'm the one with the short beard and long hair with the cool red head and the stunning blonde. The party was at the LaSalle bank lobby. How many times can you get down in a bank lobby? So I only had 2 dollars, so I had to walk miles to the busstop, under dressed, to get home. This homeless guy approached me with this super-long speach about how he "Didn't want to hurt me or upset me, but wanted a buck". I gave it to him. Huge chunks of ice were crashing to the ground from the new Hard Rock Hotel, freaking me out. People die from that, you know. But the weirdest thing about the night was seeing so many odd people from my past, mixed in with these cool celebs: a girl I did a play with 9 years ago checking in coats. A fellow AAer who I think fell off the wagon(I could be wrong) tending bar. A guy I dated that ended REALLY badly who didn't know if he was coming or going. What is the universe trying to tell me?

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